Wednesday, December 25, 2013

UFO Kitties

The other day, I was in the game center at Amupla, and I figured I might as well take photos of the Hello Kitty plush toys to send to Bill Griffith. I've always been leery of openly using a camera in game arcades because I expect the employees to tell me I can't do that and to put the camera away. But, both of the staff walked past me as I was taking a shot and neither of them said anything. So, I took pictures of ALL of the machines, plus one of the cellphone straps/keychains promoting the new Conan/Lupin III crossover movie.

On a side note, I got a letter in the mail from Bill saying that he used some of my photos for three of his Zippy the Pinhead strips scheduled to run around the week of Jan. 17. He included printouts of the strips, and they're all as surreal as you'd expect from Zippy.

I didn't bother trying to get any of the toys because the new UFO Catcher machines are programmed to not pick up anything until you, or whoever was in front of you, spends x amount of money (where "x" is significantly more than the plush is worth).

The Lupin III x Conan crossover movie tie-ins.

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