Monday, July 29, 2013

Kitaro DVD Review, vol. 5

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Gegege no Kitaro Magazine DVD Series, volume 5

The feature character is Sunakake Baba (Sand-throwing Hag). In the original Garo manga, Sanakake Baba is kind of a witch that lives in a hole in the middle of a forest. She grants magic items to normal people, but with certain conditions (in one case, a plain-looking guy wants to become handsome, and the condition is that he has to return to her in 1 year. He becomes a famous actor and kicks her out of the studio when she visits at the end of the year. Then, on camera, he morphs into a hideous troll and is stuck that way for the rest of his life). The current one-page description says that she's the reason you suddenly get hit in the face with sand when you're in the woods. In the TV series, she's one of Kitaro's primary supporters. When she has to fight an enemy, she throws sand at them.

(Ghost Party poster)

The two-sided fold-out posters are: Youkai Ryuu Kyuujou (Monsters' Imperial Palace, Weekly Shonen Magazine, 8/4/1968) and Obake Pa-ti- (Ghost Party, Weekly Shonen Magazine, 12/24/1967). I like Rokurokubi (Long-Neck Woman) eating soba noodles.

(Monsters' Imperial Palace poster)

The one-page feature monsters are Sunakake Baba (Sand-throwing Hag), Jigoku Dama (Hell Ball), Narigama (Chirping Kettle, also written as Kamanari: Kettle Chirping), Fukuro Sage (Dangling Bag) and Baribari no Tamago (Working Hard Egg).

The Tanaka wo Sagase (Find Tanaka) section finds our recurring background character to be the primary victims of the Baribari no Tamago and Jigoku Dama episodes, when Nezumi Otoko gives him the "Working Hard Egg"and "Hell Ball".

The DVD episodes are: Kofuku toiunano Kaibutsu (The So-called Happiness Monster, 02/03/1972), Kamanari (Kettle Chirping, 02/10/1972), Fukuro Sage (Dangling Bag, 02/17/1972) and Shinpaiya (Worry Shop, 02/24/1972). The extra this time is part one of the interview with Masako Nozawa, voice actress for Kitaro in the 1968, 1971 and 2008 (Hakaba Kitaro) seasons.

One section I haven't mentioned before is the "Manga igai no Mizuki Shigeru Kuradashi Korekushon" (Not including manga, Mizuki Shigeru Collection). It features cover illustrations he did for 4 of the Weekly Shonen Magajin issues in 1964.


zillustration said...

I love the Kitaro cartoons. I taped a about 20 episodes on VHS from FCI's New York channel back in the late 1980s. It's good to know the DVDs are available. Are they Region free?

TSOTE said...

Hi z, thanks for dropping by.
I have an external Japanese DVD drive for my laptop, so I can't say if the disks are region-free or not. I hesitate to make a guess. Either way, depending on your tastes, you can get the 1971-2 season now, or wait a couple of months for the 60's season to start coming out.