Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Coffee Train

Next up from Boss Coffee - the steam locomotive series, referred to as the "Japan SL Collection".  There are two types - the 7 engine-only, and 6 full-car.  The engine-only are available with single cans of coffee at about 140 yen each.  The full-cars are packed with 2 cans of coffee at 280 yen total.  Available at most conbini.  The engine-only types are specially designed to pull the coffee can itself, and there's a notch in the cap to hold the rear support wheels.  The toys are spring wound, and if you pull them back and let go they'll travel about 3 feet.  You can always use any kind of coffee can you like (assuming it's the small 6 oz cylinder type) but you need to keep the cap to hold the rear wheels.

This model is the C62 2, which operated in western Japan from Osaka down towards Fukuoka, built in 1948.

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